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Making Money on Youtube in 2018


Our next methods for  getting extra incomes to make money from home will be making money on youtube.If you are interested in  the title,read the article till end .This is the main logic:We open a channel on youtube,place videos on our channel and we push our channel to bring our loaded videos to many people.

How to make money the videos on our channel?The youtube adds advertisements to videos after the channel is able to make maney.The youtube pay us money on bound with count of appeared advertisement on videos and  count of click.The money which we earned is loaded on our google adsense account then we send it to our bank account.

There are thousands of people who are engaged in this job in the world.Even, people who choose this job for their main profession are not little.We can find any kind of videos we want ,enter youtube portal.These videos are loaded by amateur and people that want to make money in the middle.

Making money on Youtube

Think of yourselves at first step.What kind of field are you interested  in  and  what kind  of field can you  make videos about?As (be) Farid Shirinov ,I choose to make videos about the theme of making money on youtube.

At first I must register on youtube for it..

First of all for registration we need google account,it is possible with an account of any gmail.We create an account,register on Gmail.com.We log in youtube with this account after creating account and do a channel  by using  section of create channel.

Our channel is ready

We must make videos and place on our channel constantly in first 3 weeks after the channel is ready.The most important point is that should not be stolen videos and compeletly belong to us.It had better to make video from zero.Our channel  makes money on youtube after making about 5-10 videos.

Develop the channel

Develop our channel and increase number of subscriber is main step.Because the  more  number of subscriber will be the  more number of view and click,that is to say the gain will be much more.

How many crowds we have,our income will be much more.

The basic sideis  to gain attention of  people making interesting and qualitative videos.That’s why improve yourself,learn new programmes and download more qualitative videos.To Develop your channel place the advertisement on other channels and get subscribers speaking by channel owners.You can check  the ways of paying advertisement.you should create the page of the facebook.Fulfil what is necessary to make professional  your job.

To be rhythmic

When we say to be rhythmic,determine a rhythmic for yourself.Upload your videos on youtube for a weekly or 3-4 days.Go on a rhythmic.For example,If you determine your rhythmic for a weekly,you must make a new video and share it every week.When you are rhythmic and take a rgular course,you are attracted by youtube,I mean the youtube will start to take a grave view of you.


What making videos are logical and is it attracted by youtube?

It must be the unique theme of channel when you make channel and the original videos must be made on that theme.Don’t display videos on channel  on the contrary of theme.

Pay attention to design of your channel.The more it is charming it will display you more responsible and professional on your job.

It is better to choose the videos with your sound when you select video.Don’t pay out of attention this criteria.

The videos that you are background are more rating  videos.

When you make video which you select on any category,pay attention to be an original video.It is not a stolen music and pictures from other videos.

When you get information from other sources,It had better to write the name of sources on a explanation section of your  videos.

You can upload more qualitative making video  programmes by researching on internet for making  video better and you can load videos on your channel with help of these programmes.


First of all to make money can be  difficult ,but if you seriously work hard ,you will get achievement in  a short time and you are going to make your first money.If you are the powerful basis of your profession,you are going to attain your goal.

In this article  I shared the main information with you about making money on youtube .I hope that these are useful for you.You can write your questions and opinions about the article in the comment section


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