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5 tips for making money writing in 2018


I keep on investigating special job opportunities and chances of a supplemental gain  on people who want to make money from  doing  an extra job.In this article  I am going to tell you to make money from home and about being famous an additional job .Making money writing will be a  defferent method  for you.

In many of developed countries the reading and writing abilities are taught to people from young ages.Despite  these abilities spread  among all society,just a small part of the intellectuals can write well as to make money.Some writers write part time for getting an extra earning but the others write full time.You think about an extra work or full time job,If you think your writing skill is good enough ,you can make enough money writing.I recommend you to read bellow suggestions for learning how to make money writing.

Recommendations for making money writing

Start with blog.If you’d like to make money writing,don’t start with private blog.You make a blog which can help people solve definite problems instead of it.For example,You teach the others how to do gardening works,create a blog related with horticulture.If you trust yourselves on eating,you can make a blog that share meal recipes.

You can not be a millioner to start writing blog for a night but if you  take time and pay attention,you can get a large profit.The incomes from blogs are got from the programmes of the advertisement such as Google Adsense,Affiliate marketing  progarmmes and the sale of the private products such as e-books or programmes.

To write for other sites.You can also make money from writing articles for others’ sites.The most famous in writing work is the way of making money.You can write about any theme investigating on topic of site.You are asked to write articles within 300-500 words for writing informative article in general.Your income is counted for a hundred words.You wrote articles are important to be full of useful and efficient information.You can earn 3 dollars per  a hundred words on associated with your qualitative writing.

Write greeting cards.You can try to write vacation and greeting cards if you have skill on writing   beautiful poems  and interesting article.Learn the terms of style and the basic of delivered while inverstigating  greeting card companies on internet.

Write for journals and newspapers.In recent times  Print edition market starts to get narrow with being many crowds on internet.In spite of  all  the market is still wide by itself, and it needs a writer.You can test on  print jobs  if you have abilities on writing of  instructor parts,reports,critical writings,and specialists meeting.

There are still full time working professions in the market of journals and newspapers but the requirements for freelance writers who write articles are rising fast.

Write for comedians.Some people are funny and aware of the secret  of the humour very well,they know   how to have  people fun  very  well,but  they don’t  believe themselves to take stage. You can write and sell stories and jokes for comedians if you are one of these people.

Be a travel writer.Many of the people who like travelling  are travel writers.Travel writers write articles about  their visits  and  explain the main part of the places that they visit.Most of the travel writers work  full time as writer for travel journals and online prints.

You can use these methods that I wrote to  make money writing.you can write your opinions and questions on bound with the article in the  comment section.


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